Social Club

Early in Suburban’s history the need for greater social and charitable activity became apparent. On April 8, 1919, Suburban Social Club was formed and quickly became the leader in creating a social life for the lodge, its members, and their families with major programs and outings. Their fish fry’s soon became a source of funds enabling the lodge to have an active program and meet its financial obligations. After giving large funds to assist in eliminating the debt on the lodge hall, the club was able to focus its efforts on the needs of our Brothers at the Old Masons Home and the ladies and children at Masonic Home, underwriting large projects at the Masonic Homes. The Club has always been ready to help the lodge with needed furniture, equipment, and many times with refreshments. As the years passed the charity of the club was able to expand to become a major contributor to many charities, especially those concerned with children: Kosair hospital, Children’s Hospital, the Kentucky Special Olympics, the Kentuckiana Children’s Center, Scottish Rite Language disorder project, and many others. This work has had the leadership of many great presidents whose efforts should never be forgotten.

The faithful members of the Social Club kept the fish fries going all year long enabling us to pay off the full indebtedness of for our new lodge building in only four years. They continue working every Saturday from March through November to support the lodge and many charities.


PRESIDENT – Bro. Rusty PortmanSECRETARY – Bro. Cody Stevens
TREASURER – Bro. Joe Marshall
SECOND VICE PRESIDENT – Bro. Dave ShortCHAPLAIN – Bro. Stan Robinson